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Fharma: The Sustenance of Silence

Fharma: The Sustenance of Silence



…discovering the dharma through life on a farm

It is Sunday. and rainy.
the beginning of September.
There is silence.  everywhere.
even in the white noise of rain on the metal roof, there is silence.
Feels like space.  feels like emptiness.
Feels sweet. and sad.
Tastes like a long, cool drink after a hot run.
I don’t think enough can be said about the importance of silence in our lives.
Just as music lies not only in the notes but also in the rests … so it is with a mindful life.
Where is the silence in your day?
Can you cultivate moments to stop and let the mind rest and the senses recharge?
Can you create a ritual for sitting or walking or eating in silence…
         opening yourself to RECEIVING after all the hours you spend on production?
May this reflection on silence by Barbara Hurd inspire you…

“Those who are fond of retreats—writers, ecstatics, parents with young children—often comment on the silence such time away allows. 

Silence becomes something present, almost palpable. The task shifts from keeping the world at a safe decible distance to letting more of the world in. 

Thomas Aquinas said that beauty arrests motion. He meant, I think, that in the presence of something gorgeous or sublime, we stop our nervous natterings, our foot twitchings and restless tongues. Whatever that fretful hunger is, it seems momentarily filled in the presence of beauty. 

To Aquinas’s wisdom I’d add that silence arrests flight, that in its refuge, the need to flee the chaos of noise diminishes. 

We let the world creep closer, we drop to our knees, as if to let the heart, like a small animal, get its legs on the ground.”

—From Stirring the Mud by Barbara Hurd. ▼

Labyrinth at Querencia Cottage


May you enjoy the gifts of silence this week.

Drink them in.
Fill yourself up.
Let the world creep closer.
~   Beth

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