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Fharma- I am too busy NOT to meditate!

Fharma- I am too busy NOT to meditate!

It’s Tuesday and I’m just getting around to my “weekend” Mindfulness Reminder…
                  Well, I guess that is proof that I have more on my plate recently than I have time.
Often when I get busy and tasks have urgent deadlines, I am tempted to skip my morning meditation.
After all, meditating is not URGENT.  It doesn’t have a ringer like the phone to make me answer it.
It doesn’t show up at my door ready to be paid.
My meditation practice doesn’t scream or honk or bark.
It just waits for me to remember it.
It is always there as a “soft place to land”   and I am learning that…
                           it is during the busy times that I need it the most.
Oh, how simple it is to : Pause, take a few deep breaths, and collect the attention in the body.
And how radical.
In the middle of all the forward-motion-energy, we actually can Stop. And when we find the breath,  relax shoulders/jaw/hands a bit, we often feel sweet gratitude rise up within.
When we remember to notice what is actually here before us,
    most often our heart’s response is to  soften
        because we become aware of how full this moment… this precious moment… really is.
And we realize we almost missed it.
So the heart feels grateful- both for this delicious moment and for the meditation practice that helped us remember it.
I am happy to say that this week I did meditate a little every morning. Cup of tea in hand… I just walked to the big white chair, lit a candle and sat.
I watched the to-do list thoughts in my mind. I felt the  ”get up and get started!” energy move through me.
And I sat.
And when the time was over, I picked up that busy-day list and tackled it… a little less reactively, with a little more joy.

Don't miss the fruits of the moment!

I invite you to Pause and meditate (even if for 5 minutes)
especially when you are busy.  especially when you feel stressed.
The practice is here for us.
                      always here for us.
Let it hold you and calm you when you need it the most.
This week:
May you remember to Pause
       May you remember to Breathe
             May you remember to savor the moment
                   In the busiest of times.
Here is a short, sweet blog by Jon Katz (of Bedlam Farm)
      about his experience pausing in the middle of a hectic day.   very sweet.  enjoy. Making Time For Stillness

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  1. Nancy Striniste

    Thanks Beth– That was just what I needed.

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