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Fharma- Be like the trees…..

Fharma- Be like the trees…..

Dear Mindful Friends,

I hope you got some earth-quenching rain where you are.
As I stepped outside a moment ago, I actually felt the temperature drop by the minute… as if summer had just passed the baton to fall.
Don’t know about you, but I am ready for fall… ready to leave summer behind with all her glorious but exhausting abundance and activity.
 (maybe that’s just the farmer in me talking)
And, since we are animals after all, I think it is a natural response to changing seasons- to be ready for leaves to fall and days to quiet down a bit.
As the days get shorter, there seems to be a subtle turning inward…
     calling us to pull our energies in a little closer to our center of gravity.
I just love noticing this internal shift.
Can you feel it?
Because of this,  fall and winter are perfect seasons to deepen your mindfulness practice.
Take advantage of this natural physical and psychological “season” by Recommitting to a Regular Sitting Practice
But, instead of making meditation another “to-do” on your list… see if you can approach it more like the trees do in autumn.
Try simply letting go of a little of the doing…
            relaxing a bit more each time you pause…
                            releasing what you are holding in the shoulders and the brow.
I’m not talking about a lot of efforting. Not a lot of striving.
Simply make it your intention to let go a little more each time you sit. That’s all.
This fall, see if you can gently lighten your load inside and out.
Be a tree.
      Let it go.
Here is a short, inspiring animated video about mindfulness and how to let go of striving.

Headspace video 
Good News for my Local Friends:
                           2 Ways to Support your Mindfulness Practice this fall…

This week, on September 12, we’ll reconvene our Weekly Meditation Sitting Circle
      Every Wednesday 7-8:30 anyone  is welcome to join us for guided meditation, shared silence and conversation about nurturing mindfulness in our lives.
      We’ll meet in Querencia Cottage here at the farm.
      If you want to let me know you are coming, terrific. Drop-ins are welcome too.
      We’ll have chairs or bring your own cushion or bench.
      This is an ongoing group.  Please check the website homepage www.taprootfarm.info for cancellations, directions and more info.
Tuesday September 18, we’ll begin another 6-week Mindfulness Meditation Class
       Tuesdays Sept. 18- Oct. 23 participants will meet each week to build and deepen their mindfulness practice.
       Lessons, guided meditations, “homework” to practice in the real world :-) , and opportunity for questions and discussion.
       This is a great opportunity to learn more about Vipassana meditation (insight/mindfulness meditation) and experience more peace and happiness.
       We have ONE MORE SPOT… let me know if you are interested!
To learn more about Mindfulness check out the  Art and Spirit page on our website  www.taprootfarm.info

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  1. Peg McMaster

    Nice, Beth. Thanks. I took a tour up Ice Mountain this morning and got drenched, but had a ball. It was a nice group even if they did get wet. Fall does seem to be a time to settle and it feels good.


  2. Kelly H

    This is beautiful!

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