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Fharma- Setting the compass

Fharma- Setting the compass

I’ve been thinking a lot about Intention lately. How powerful it is. And how often I can live my days on automatic pilot- the opposite of intentional. This week, in the new Mindfulness class I am teaching in the cottage, I shared my favorite Zen saying: “The most important thing is to remember the most important [...]

Fharma-  I am too busy NOT to meditate!

Fharma- I am too busy NOT to meditate!

It’s Tuesday and I’m just getting around to my “weekend” Mindfulness Reminder…                   Well, I guess that is proof that I have more on my plate recently than I have time. Often when I get busy and tasks have urgent deadlines, I am tempted to skip my [...]

Fharma-  Be like the trees…..

Fharma- Be like the trees…..

Dear Mindful Friends, I hope you got some earth-quenching rain where you are. As I stepped outside a moment ago, I actually felt the temperature drop by the minute… as if summer had just passed the baton to fall. Don’t know about you, but I am ready for fall… ready to leave summer behind with [...]

Fharma: The Sustenance of Silence

Fharma: The Sustenance of Silence

  “Fharma” …discovering the dharma through life on a farm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is Sunday. and rainy. the beginning of September. There is silence.  everywhere. even in the white noise of rain on the metal roof, there is silence. Feels like space.  feels like emptiness. Feels sweet. and sad. Tastes like a long, cool drink after [...]